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  • Learn on your own time and at your own pace: focus on content that fits your trading style and objectives, and re-watch content as many times as you need.
  • You Missed a Seminar: You live in an area making it geographically impossible to make a session. Maybe you live in one of the dozens of cities that Worden regularly holds TC2000 training session but were unable to make the seminar for any reasons. You can now watch our valuable training sessions at any time directly on your computer.
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  • You Haven’t Attended a Seminar: You have heard a lot of buzz around the TC2000 community about the value of attending a training session. Before you invest your time to attend, you want to get a taste. Now you can get the benefits of attending by viewing any past seminars online. Next time we are in your town, you will be sure to attend.
  • Inspiration on the Go: You are a traveling business person. You can watch any of the Worden Training Seminars while in the airport, in between meetings, or anywhere on the move. Login and view any video from your laptop or tablet.
  • You Want to View More Seminars: So you attended a local seminar and gained valuable information on getting the most out of your TC2000 software. There are many more topics that we cover in the series of training seminars. You can now get the best of all seminars from the convenience of your computer.
  • Get the Most Out of Your Software: As TC2000 evolves, so do the capabilities of what you can accomplish with the software. You can now view training videos on dozens of topics from past, current, and future live and web training sessions.


Michael! Great tutorial video on the new features! You slowed down your teach-and-speech rate, so that I can follow your thoughts easier. Thanks for your special consideration for people like me who would get behind during your tutorials and become very frustrated trying to absorb what you were showing me.

It is always a delight to come to your seminar. I learn a lot each time. The long drive is a small price to pay for the amount of knowledge I gain, not to talk of meeting such warm, generous and delightful people from Worden.

Lola Banky

I love learning how to search for strategies in TC2000. Thank you especially for the consolidation and bottoming breakout scans.

Marsha Malone, Anaheim CA

Michael: Thanks so much for the wonderful class you presented in Denver. Although my 72-year-old brain went into data overload almost immediately, I will follow up with the class notes and videos to help me absorb more of the great information you presented.


There was so much great information it could easily have been a week long college curriculum.

Chris Bunnewith, Orlando FL

I attended my first webinar yesterday and was very impressed with the information. My compliments to you. I will be looking forward to future offerings from you.

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