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TC2000 Version 7 Tutorial Videos

Finding and Analyzing Stocks on Your PC
TC2000 Version 7 Tutorial Videos
A handy companion to TC2000 version 7.  This video starts with the basics and walks you through updating your data, staying organized with watchlists and how to use TC2000’s scanning and sorting tools. If you are brand-new to version 7, this is a good place to start.  Chapter 1 – Quick Start will show get you up to speed in under 20 minutes.
Chart Readers Playground
TC2000 Version 7 Tutorial Videos
This video guides you through the TC2000 version 7 features in 11 easy lessons that you can watch at your own pace – over two hours of instruction that will dramatically increase your productivity. You’ll learn a new concept that will revolutionize your approach to technical analysis – it’s called “visual indicator sorting.” It allows you to sort your charts by what the indicators are doing on your screen. The results are wonderfully intuitive and no math is required!
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