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Interpreting TSV, MoneyStream & Balance of Power
Peter Worden
Peter Worden, co-founder of Worden Brothers, teaches live at an award-winning TC2000 training class in Tampa FL. He delves into the interpretation techniques for Worden proprietary technical indicators Time Segmented Volume, MoneyStream and Balance of Power created by his father, Don Worden. Peter demonstrates how to use these indicators to establish the primary bias of a stock by ferreting out what the 'smart money' is currently doing. By walking through the indicator development in chart setups of actual stocks Peter helps you learn the basic principles for practical application of these exclusive indicators on the stocks you follow and trade.
Hybrid Indicators
Martha Stokes, C.M.T.
There are dozens of indicators you can use in TC2000. In this video, you will learn how to select the right indicators for your trading style and strategies. You will learn how the professionals design their trading systems using hybrid indicators from the list on TC2000. You will learn how to customize your settings, determine the proper periods, and test your indicators. You will also learn whether the indicator is working properly or not. This is hands-on session including a workbook on how to create the best indicator tool kit for you
Fast Track Your Trading
Martha Stokes, C.M.T.
In this video, Martha teaches you how to: streamline your trade analysis, find more power-packed trades faster, identify stocks poised to move with sudden momentum, and increase each trade's profits with better exits. Martha also shows how the use of Bollinger Bands, Time Segmentaed Volume, Balance of Power and other leading indicators assist in these efforts. In this "hands-on" training sessions, you will learn Martha's techniques for "speed screening" stocks using hybrid indicators, trailing profit stops, and when to exit for optimal profits.
Interpreting Balance of Power
Peter Worden
This video is designed to introduce you to all of the elements of Balance of Power® (BOP) that affect the way price movement should be analyzed. You’ll learn how the BOP indicator signals accumulation and distribution by the big money in the market, and you’ll be introduced to the patterns that signal key changes in BOP’s character. Most importantly, through day-by-day historical replay, you’ll learn to make reliable BOP-based trade decisions for yourself.
How to Find Dark Pool Activity
Martha Stokes, C.M.T.
Looking at the “inside market” activity for dark pools allows you to see the action before it is reflected in price. Beginning with market structure basis Martha traces the 9 distinct components of the cycle of market participation. She also explores the role of high frequency trading and how it affects the efficiency of retail trading. Dark pools are a new type of technical trading creating trading ranges within the market day and their footprints can easily identified by using “hybrid” indicators created with the electronic market in mind. Using real chart examples, Martha shows how the Worden Proprietary indicators can be used to help identify dark pools and capitalize on the price movement that comes on the heels of that accumulation.
How to Exploit High Frequency Trading Activity
Martha Stokes, C.M.T.
Defining volatility by the market participant’s roles, Martha focuses on the unique contemporary role of the high frequency traders. This modern market phenomena has emerged as a critical intraday influence. This computer generated order processing system can be exploited by the average retail trader if he learns to identify the activity. Using Worden’s Balance of Power and Time Segmented Volume, Martha shows how to unmask the high frequency trading and capitalize on the velocity moves they often cause. Using her unique Market Condition Analysis system created in TC2000, Martha shows how to follow market participants and leverage their trading activity.
Interpreting Proprietary Indicators
Peter Worden
With a fascinating history of Worden Brothers and TC2000, Peter Worden introduces the development and constitution of the proprietary indicators MoneyStream, Balance of Power and Time Segmented Volume. Rising from Don Worden’s early analysis of ‘tick volume’, these indicators have become key in sniffing out ‘hidden’ buying and selling. The key role of systematic accumulation and distribution most often applied by institutions can be critical for retail trader’s stock selection decisions. Focusing on the power of these indicators to contradict price (divergence) Peter shows you how to interpret the key signals these indicators give in price movement. Using real chart examples, Peter shows how he uses the proprietary indicators in his daily trading.
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