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Formulating Your Trading Plan
Jeff White
Every trader needs a plan, and while unique, all plans need to address certain issues. Jeff discusses common time frames for trading, from short-term day trading to multi-month position trading with TC2000 and how to choose which to operate on. He'll help you nail down the right setups for your trading style so you can stick with your method and examine specific chart setups which are best-suited for each approach with TC2000.
Locating Trades & Evaluating Risk
Jeff White
There's no shortage of ideas for traders to act on, but many struggle with the challenge of narrowing down a focus list for actual trades. In this session, Jeff discusses building a watch list of trade candidates in TC2000, and how to narrow down that list not only by potential but also according to risk. This will help traders be decisive while at the same time reducing the potential for downside on any given trade.
Using Charts to Discipline Your Trading
Bill Kraft
Trading ultimately comes down to decision making and quite often how those decisions are made determines the ultimate result. All too often traders respond to their emotions in deciding when to enter, adjust, and exit trades. Those emotions, though powerful, can lead to bad decision making. My years of trading and teaching trading have led me to conclude that discipline is an essential ingredient of successful trading but that many traders and investors could use a little help in learning ways they can discipline their trading. In this program I'll demonstrate some of the simple ways I strive to discipline my own trading using the powerful elements of We'll take a look at some simple but effective ways to find entries, establish exit strategies, and generally manage trades including the sometimes difficult process of moving stops.
7 Things Smart Investors Do Every Day
Jim Farrish
Learn to think like a money manager using the seven practices shared by all effective traders and investors. Jim Farrish provides you with the basis for effective trading by teaching you how to create and utilize a realistic, disciplined approach. From weekly analysis to daily routines to taking advantage of intraday windows, he teaches practical ways to compare your belief system about the market to the reality of the market.
Simplified Technical Analysis
Jeff White
In an age of high-frequency algorithms, it's easy to feel out-gunned in the markets. The inclination of many is to complicate their approach in hopes of making it better, but rarely does that translate into more profits. In this session, we'll discuss the benefits of keeping a simplified technical approach in order to keep you focused on what matters most.
Trading YOUR Way Better
Jeff White
You're unique, and you should operate in the markets with that in mind! In this video, we'll discuss the importance of utilizing a methodology which suits you employing a research routine that's adequate for your needs, efficient money management, and selecting appropriate time frames for your positions. We’ll go through several chart examples illustrating just how easy it is to evaluate a stock when you are disciplined in your approach.
10 Ways to Find Trading Candidates
Bill Kraft
Bill Kraft shares ten widely used approaches to finding stocks with price charts and standard indicators like Moving Averages, MACD, Stochastics, and more. He focuses on common deficiencies in using these approaches and provides details for how to change your application of these indicators for better analysis and trade decisions.
Your Personalized Trading Plan
Bill Kraft
Bill Kraft shares what he has learned about the importance of effective trade plans in over a decade as a full-time trader. With consideration for variables that influence how retail investors should structure their plans, he lays out a straight-forward approach, which includes elements to consider when writing your plan. Then, through chart examples, he highlights the key aspects of plan implementation for all kinds of investors.
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