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Video Results:


Best of 2011 Training Classes: Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson explains the basics of understanding and applying the Worden proprietary indicators, MoneyStream and Time Segmented Volume. Using the indicators abilities to contradict price with divergences, he shows you how to sniff out where the smart money is going. Using specific chart examples and then TC2000’s sorting and scanning capabilities, Michael shows you practical ways to use these proprietary indicators in your chart analysis.
Best of 2011 Training Classes: Julia Ormond
Julia Ormond
You can view the best of Julie's 2011 seminar presentations in this video series. Julie first covers calculation, interpretation & implementation of the Ichimoku Cloud. She then dives into helping you understand Parabolic SAR, the importance of price & volume in contextual indications. In this video you will dive into industry analysis and end with explaining consolidations and how to find them.
Best of 2010 Training Classes
Julia Ormond, Michael Thompson
Learn how to extract meaningful relationships between price and several key volume indicators. Learn how to use StockFinder's condition toolset to sort for specific market behaviors and examine these volume indicators as a metric of the quality of recent price activity. You will also learn how another indicator, Volume at Price, can show you both the where and when volume happens, and at what price levels.
Best of 2009 Training Classes
Julia Ormond, Michael Thompson
Learn how to identify a stock's support and/or resistance using StockFinder. By creating "rules" (conditions, behaviors of price, or indicators) Julia Ormond teaches you how to identify stocks from any WatchList, see whether it Is approaching support or resistance, and how to quickly find every historical example of the same price behavior.
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