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Video Results:


Making Money Regardless of Market Direction
Jim Farrish
Jim Farrish, a financial manager with more than 30 years of experience, shares the secrets he has learned for staying positive regardless of the market's current behavior. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, Jim teaches you how to use basic trend analysis techniques to visually guide yourself through market fluctuations and weather the storm with gains. With a strong emphasis on risk management and loss protection, Jim explains the essentials of managing money in the current market environment.
Locating Trades & Evaluating Risk
Jeff White
There's no shortage of ideas for traders to act on, but many struggle with the challenge of narrowing down a focus list for actual trades. In this session, Jeff discusses building a watch list of trade candidates in TC2000, and how to narrow down that list not only by potential but also according to risk. This will help traders be decisive while at the same time reducing the potential for downside on any given trade.
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